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La #Puglia impressionista di Wolfgang Lettl

I nostri bellissimi faraglioni in un dipinto di Wolfgang Lettl, buona domenica!

Between 1975 and 1995 Wolfgang Lettl
established a second residence in Puglia (Italy). Inspired by the
southern light he occasionally created impressionistic paintings.
“We bought property in Siponto at the Gulf of Manfredonia, right next to
the sea, because according to my old high school atlas it rains less
there than anywhere else, and we built a house on it. There was a lot of
gardening to be done, for at first the garden was overrun with thistles
and other thorny things. In the house the walls were still blank, so I
packed my portable easel and painted the surrounding landscape: houses,
trees, mountains, clouds, ships, and the sea. It was fun and you get
really tired.”


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